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the study of black snakeskin, knee-high boots

2 Feb

Black snakeskin knee-boots with rounded toe and stacked 3-inch heel, by Nine West.  The arctic chill has hit the valley in which I live, so I bit the bullet and pulled on these boots this morning to make my way out to the car.  I was only outside for about 1 minute before I decided to go back in and put on a pair of (purple!) tights.  Baby, it’s cold outside!  These boots are no longer available, but I did find some other lovelies from Nine West.

Nine West Trurman Knee-High Boot

Nine West Convinceme Boots

Nine West Charisma Knee-High Boot

Nine West Haden Boot

the study of black suede and velvet, strappy Mary Jane’s

31 Jan

Black suede, velvet and leather strappy Mary Jane’s with 4-inch heel, from Coach. That’s right, Coach. Several years ago I went to Chicago for the weekend to reward myself after a particularly grueling year. I went to see Wicked, visited some of my favorite museums, and wandered along The Magnificent Mile for two days straight. In my wanderings and window shopping, I found these lovelies. They are, to date, the most expensive pair of shoes I own. I got them on sale, a really big sale, but they were still $156.74. I know this, because the receipt is still inside the box. Do I regret this purchase? No. Do I wear these often? No. Do I think they are a waste of money? Absolutely not. They are like the “good china” your grandmother had, beautiful and delicate and not meant for every-day wear. Will I hand these beauties down to my daughter? Maybe, if she happens to be a size 10. (wink.)

Here are a few similar pairs, although nothing quite so outrageous in price. Happy Monday.

BCBGeneration Drift Mary-Jane Pump

T.U.K. Mary Jane Pump

MICHAEL Michael Kors Clare T-Strap Heel
(these ones are a little pricey, but so pretty!)

Bordello by Pleaser Spectator Pump
(I love these, absolutely love them!)

the study of black and cream cowboy boots

27 Jan

Cream and white cowboy (cowgirl?) boots with feather/flame-ish detail.  I was never the type to always want a pair of cowboy boots.  I grew up in the Wild Wild West geographically, but my town was just a quiet little town.  Sure, we had a rodeo every summer, and I was a bit obsessed with horses as a girl–what girl wasn’t?–but my horse dreams always involved riding bareback in the circus and not becoming a rodeo queen, thus no boots.  (Note: while both circus performers and rodeo queens both wear sequins, I think it’s pretty obvious which version I lean towards.)

These beauties were a gift from my amazing Aunt Mouse (not her real name, don’t worry), she and I used to be the same shoe size, but then her feet tragically grew about a half-size and she gifted me several pairs of shoes, including these boots.  I was looking around the Interwebs at cowboy boots, and they are expensive, yo!  Seriously, most pairs are $200-$300, and some go up to $800!!  And that was just a preliminary search!  I was baffled.  I had no idea they were so expensive!  I went to Toronto a few months ago and–among other things like visiting a SHOE MUSEUM–found a row of cowboy boots in a thrift store, I admired them and took an artsy-ish photo, but what I should have done is buy a pair at those low prices (and with Canadian money it’s like it’s free–their dollar bills are pink and purple, which seems like monopoly money to me.  I heart Canada!).

Here are a few pairs I found for under $100, enjoy!

Coconuts By Matisse, Burgundy Gaucho Boot (red cowboy boots?  Sold.)

Groove Kick Knee-High Boot (these come in purple AND red AND tan! Love!)

Western Cowboy Lizard Boot (a sleek, shiny option)

MIA Traill Western Boot (I love these.)

Western Cowboy Firewater Boot (turquoise flames on boots?  Rawr!)

the study of black slip-on loafers

26 Jan

Black leather slip-on loafers, the brand is worn off the inside but I’m pretty sure I got these at Nordstrom Rack.  Yesterday’s exclamations over the spring-like weather must have angered the snow gods or something, because as soon as I headed out the door to my car–in springy, strappy satin sandals--it started to gently snow.  By the end of the day the roads were solid ice and there is a few inches of fresh white stuff on the ground.  C’est la vie, right?  Today I opted for practicality, which is so unlike me!

Additional loafers for your enjoyment and perusal:

AK Anne Klein Zeru Patent Leather Loafer

Circa Joan & David Neema Driving Loafer

Sperry Top-Sider Madaket Suede Loafer

Michael Kors Winsor Loafer

Two Lips Studded Slip-On Flat (only $36.50!)

Let me tell you a little something about ordering from Endless.  While I was looking around their site the other night for some links to include in yesterday’s post I found a pair of heels (which you’ll see next week) that I thought were adorable and they were on an incredible sale.  I ordered them at approximately 8:00 pm on Monday and used their standard, free shipping option.  By the time I got home from work on Tuesday they were waiting for me.  Um, that’s incredible!  I can’t think of any better form of instant gratification than a new box of shoes outside my front door, less than 24-hours after I ordered them.  /end soap box.

the study of black, suede puma sneakers

20 Jan

Black suede PUMA sneakers.  I have several pair of PUMAs and wear them all the time on my more casual days.  I am not in the office today, but am instead volunteering with a group of high school students.  This makes Thursday awesome for a couple of reasons. A) I can wear jeans (yay!) and B) I don’t have to file a TPS report (double yay!).

I couldn’t find these particular sneakers online, I got them five years ago at Nordstrom Rack (along with a pair of identical shoes in gray), but I did find these fantastic purple PUMA’s that I will proceed to dream about for the next several hours.  (Love!)

A Note from the Editor: I don’t know what my deal is lately, but I am wearing a TON of suede!  Gray sneakers, navy blue pumps, gray pumps, chocolate brown pumps, and now these black sneakers!  It’s winter!  There is snow and all things wet on the ground!  Suede is impractical!  Meh, I guess I’m the poster child for impractical footwear (not that this is anything new or anything, just stating some facts).

the study of black, chunky-heel boots

14 Jan

Casual Friday + Overnight Snow Storm = leather winter boots.  I have started a massive overhaul of my shoe room, and in the clean-out discovered these black boots.  They only come up to the lower part of my calf, but seeing as how we don’t have 3 feet of snow on the ground (yet) I am totally fine with that.  Rampage black leather boots with 3-inch square heel.  (I know, I know, square, chunky heels aren’t really “in” anymore.  But here’s what, a stiletto heel would last approximately 10 feet on my sidewalk before you landed on your kiester.)

the study of black, T-strap pumps

6 Jan

Black round-toe T-strap pump with 4-inch heel, by Hot Kiss.  Conservative meetings mean conservative footwear (mostly).  But, because this is me we’re talking about I decided to up my game with funky tights.  That’s just how I roll.  I have some pretty impressive bruises on my left knee due to a fantastic sledding tumble last weekend, so the dark purple tights are an excellent choice to cover up my black and blue body parts.

the study of black mary jane’s

16 Dec

(Psst, I’m announcing the winner of my MuckBoots giveaway at the bottom of this post–keep reading, okay?)

Black leather Mary Jane’s with 3.5-inch heel, by Rampage.  These used to be my all-time favorite pair of shoes.  I wore them constantly and frankly, they are starting to show their age.  However, when I looked out the window this morning and saw a couple of inches of fresh snow, the suede shoes I was planning on wearing became a bit too impractical.  Paired with funky black lace tights these simple shoes make quite an impression.

AND NOW FOR THE AWESOME PART:  (Not that funky black lace tights aren’t the epitome of awesome, they are, but in this case FREE STUFF is probably more awesome.)  I am giving away a free pair of Muckboots in your choice of color (black, brown, hunter green or bright pink).  After weeding out a dozen or so invalid entries*, I had 228 comments, tweets, and blog-mentions.

And the lucky winner is commenter #37, Allie who said “Ooh!  I have heard great things about MuckBoots!  And in Rochester, winter boots are a must!”

Congrats Alllie!  I will be emailing you shortly with details on claiming your prize!  I really hope these lovelies help make your Rochester winter more bearable!

For those who did not win, make sure to keep checking back for your daily shoe fix and upcoming giveaways!

*As per the contest rules, detailed here.

the study of embellished, hounds-tooth ballet flats

15 Dec

Rocket Dog embellished ballet flats in black and charcoal hounds-tooth.  These are my first and only pair of ballet flats.  You read that correctly, my first and only pair.  These were purchased for a whopping $12 dollars a few months ago and I have been quite impressed with them so far.  We had a mid-week dress-down day at work for our corporate Christmas party.  I don’t actually own any jeans that are the right length to wear with flats, as you can see by my bunched and rolled denim above.  I’m a jeans-and-heels girl all the way.

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the study of black t-strap platform sandals

14 Dec

Steve Madden black, reptile-print, strappy, t-strap platform sandal. These are absolutely swoon-a-licious and even with a 5-inch heel I managed to spin my way around the dance floor last night at a Christmas party.

Admittedly, my Christmas party ensemble did not include these hot pink tights…mostly because they did not particularly go with my mistletoe headband.  In an attempt at full disclosure, here is a photo of the actual tights+sandals duo.

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