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the study of suede color-block peep-toe heels

24 May

Magenta, grey and black suede peep-toe D’orsay pump with metallic trim and platform heel, thrifted (seriously!)

Two things:(1)  it has been raining here for almost 3 weeks.  I live in the middle of the desert.  This is not normal!! (2) The upside is that everything is ridiculously green, so I’m trying not to complain too much about it.

I found this skirt on clearance at a department store (Z.C.M.I., which was purchased by Meier and Frank, which was bought-out by Macy’s) 8 years ago and have worn it almost every week ever since.  It still looks great!  I love the paneled seaming and the charcoaly gray color.  Here’s to buying great basics!  *clinks glass

A friend of mine gave me a Piperlime giftcard for my birthday a few months ago.  Usually, I am the type to immediately spend that kind of gift on shoes, but I decided to branch out a little and see what else I could add to my wardrobe.  This silver bauble collar-style neckalce caught my eye, and seemed to be something Kendi would love (when in doubt, repeat this mantra: What Would Kendi Wear?).  I have tried it a couple of different ways and am loving how it brings a bit of sparkle and interest to an ensemble.  Yay for trying new trends!

The Details
Striped T-shirt: H&M
Magenta Cardigan: B.P., by Nordstrom
Charcoal paneled skirt: Macy’s (at least 8 years old)
Wide patent leather belt: Downeast Outfitters
Silver bauble necklace: Piperlime
Bracelets: handmade gifts, Tiffany
Silver bauble earrings: Claire’s
Rose ring: Macy’s
Suede color-block heels: thrifted ($10!)

the study of indigo purple pumps

4 Nov

Steve Madden indigo-purple heels with almond toe and 3-inch heel.  I love Steve Madden and I have recently discovered a new love for purple; purple shoes, purple bag, purple nail polish, purple scarf.  It’s a sickness, really, one I have no intention of trying to cure.

I had every intention of finding a half-dozen pairs of purple shoes for you to drool over and purchase, seeing as how these lovelies are very much last season and no longer available.  That being said, I also spent most of yesterday evening with what I hope is a minor case of food poisoning and not a stomach flu.  For once I’d rather curl up in bed than browse the halls of the internet for shoes.  It’s a sad place to be.

the study of studded, purple suede platform heels

13 Oct

Naughty Monkey 5-inch purple suede platform sandals with studs and black-and-white snake skin trim.  These heels could not be more fierce.  Initially purchased for a fancy party in Las Vegas, these stilettos have waited patiently for another opportunity to be worn; my friend A’s Princess-themed birthday party seemed like an ideal situation.

Sporty-Spice Princess, Hello Kitty Princess, Punk Rock/West Valley Princess

Yep, a couple of bonafide adults wearing tiara’s, sparkles, boas and even a tu-tu or two to a fancy-ish restaurant.  I should point out that my hair is not usually that pouffy.  Actually, it is never that pouffy.  But a Punk-Rock Princess simply must have big, pouffy hair, it compliments my tiara.

Tiara’s aside, look at the shoe!! The suede!  The studs!  The cut-outs at the toe!  The snakeskin platform!  These are the tallest heels that I own (clocking in at almost five-inches they should be!) and are absolutely unforgettable.  Lucky for you, these shoes are still available on Amazon!

Toenail color: Cover Girl Midnight Magic

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the study of purple suede peep toe heels

7 Oct

Grapey purple suede Mary Jane’s from Aerosoles with 3.5-inch heel and peep toe.  These are some of my most comfortable heels, thanks to the Aerosoles brand.  Perfect for a very long day on my feet (and believe me, it’s going to be a very long day).

**Many lovely readers (hi readers!) have been asking for links to buy the shoes featured here.  If they are still available I will always link them up.  These are five years old (gasp!) and no longer available.

Toenail Color: Chop-sticking to my Story by O.P.I

CURRENT GIVEAWAY: Don’t forget to enter to win a FREE pair of Nine West heels here!  Contest open until Oct. 15, 2010.