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substitute teacher: the study of gray, ruffled flats

27 Dec

CC has been leaving me some lovely comments and while she doesn’t have a blog of her own I think she’s off to a great start in her inagural blog post!  These shoes are adorable–and on sale!–I’m sure you could find a way to incorporate them in your New Year’s Resolutions.  Right?


Hello Fellow Shoe Lovers,

CC here. Guest blogger reporting for duty. As you can see I won’t be guest blogging on any photography sites anytime soon. Taking pretty pictures is not my strong point which is why I resorted to this picture.

However, wearing pretty shoes is an area in which I excel. Who doesn’t love a pretty, little, pointy, gray, suede, kitten heel? That’s a lot of commas. They show the perfect amount of toe cleavage. Just enough to still be classy. These pretty things visited my dreams for a few weeks after seeing them in the store. One day, in celebration of nothing in particular, I decided to make them my own. To make it that much sweeter, my Target version is much cheaper than the Macy’s. Honestly, this love at first sight has lasted well beyond the honeymoon stage. So happy and so in love.

Buy them here, now on sale for $17.99! Mossimo Veralis Ruffley Flat

substitute teacher: the study of bright red peep-toe heels

26 Dec

Today’s shoes are brought to you from across the pond, Mackenzi is one of my most favorite former students and I was thrilled when she volunteered to fill in for me from her outpost in London.  Miss Kenzi, you have a great start on some amazing style with these beauties!

I have always, always, always wanted to own a pair of red patent leather heels. They are sassy, classy, and seriously hot.  However, I have never found that pair that is just quite right. Then I found these beauties. They are everything I ever wanted in a red shoe; skinny heel, peep toe, shinny, eye popping color, these ladies are the complete package. And the best part? Only $20. I’m in love.

substitute teacher: the study of gray suede slingbacks

23 Dec

Shannon is all-together lovely and charming and all those things you look for in a friend who lives in your computer.  Plus, she does awesome things like send me pictures of  shoe ornaments (as in, things that go on a tree).  Clearly, we are meant to be friends.

Howdy from Texas! (No, we don’t always say that, but it’s a good distinguisher from the other substitutes thus far.) What a wonderful opportunity we shoe-lovers have here to share while The Shoeologist is off getting sand in her toes.   In the southern part of Texas, our Christmas weather currently has a high of a nice chilly 78 degrees. Which is why I can still wear my favorite pair of shoes just a few days before Christmas.

This pair of gray suede peep toe slingbacks are from my favorite designers, Elie Tahari. Now, if you are familiar with Tahari, you might be with me and consider her a luxury designer… I shop sale racks only. But, during a quick trip to Marshall’s to look for a dress, I saw these shoes. And it was almost an “angelic” moment, for I could hear a chorus. (Maybe it was the background music, but go with it.) I tried the shoes on and they fit perfectly. They spoke to me and said, “We are coming home with you.” So, of course, they did!

One of my favorite aspects of these shoes is they are probably one of the most comfortable pair of shoes I own! I have worn them to work, and then social functions that evening, and it was only around the 12-hour mark that my feet started questioning my sanity.  Now, I fear these shoes were on such deep discount ($50) because they are no longer available…I cannot find any place on the internet to guide you to these lovely beauties. However, if you are at one of your local discount shopping stores, you never know what type of luxury shoes you can find at not-even-close-to luxury pricing.

substitute teacher: the study of second-hand-shoes

22 Dec

Sharon has this incredible sense of style I have admired since we met, and I am so glad she graciously volunteered to guest post for me!  Today’s lesson: thrifting shoes.  This is something I’ve never been brave enough to do, so I will be taking good notes here.


There is something great about second- hand-shoes.  Before they came into your life, they had a completely different existence full of adventure.  Although you may never know their past stories, that doesn’t mean you can’t add a few more chapters to their lives.  Here are a few of my favorite second-hand-shoes.

These boots were purchased at Deseret Industries for $7.00.  Before they came to me I believe they belonged to an Almost Rodeo Queen. You know, the one with blonde, curly, way-too-poofy hair. She probably only won Miss Congeniality (pity award) in her local city’s rodeo and gave up on Rodeo-Queening for good.

I scored these duds at my favorite thrift store, St. Vincent de Paul, for $3.99. I think an older lady, probably about 63, had these before me. Her name was Bonnie and she was still hip in her older age. I am also guessing these bright, salmon colored shoes were only worn for mall-walking or getting the mail. They were in mint condition when I got them; luckily for them, I wear them all the time.

I actually do know the story behind these lovely, lovely rain boots. I found them when I was helping my husband’s grandmother clean out her attic. I tried them on and asked in my sweetest voice if she was planning on keeping them. She told me they were hers when she was my age, and she wore them every day. She grew up in Finland so they truly have had an adventurous life.  I am so glad they are mine now, and get a lot of use in this rainy, rainy, state (Washington) I live in.



substitute teacher: the study of silver spectator pumps

21 Dec

Elizabeth has been one of my biggest fans and she actually sent me a picture of these shoes several months ago (or I may have seen them on her blog…either way.  I loved them immediately, of course).  Thanks a million, E., for subbing for me today.  Class?  Leave her a little comment love, won’t you?


“Cinderella is proof that that right pair of shoes can, in fact, change your life”. –Unknown

Hi there.  Elizabeth from Such a Sew and Sew here.  First, I want to thank Heidi for letting me guest post today.  I love getting my daily shoe fix here at The Shoeologist.  Though I do not have 200+ pairs of shoes {or even 20+ pairs of shoes} I love pretty shoes and am excited to show you my favorite pair.  They are these beautiful 3¼” Silver Spectator Pumps.  I love everything about them – the ankle strap, the pretty rounded toe, the shiny silver patent leather. They make me feel a little magical, kind of like Dorothy Gale from The Wizard of Oz {if you’ve read the book, you’ll know her magic shoes were silver instead of ruby} when I wear them.

My only regret about these shoes is that I didn’t also get them in the beautiful plum color too.  Thanks for letting me share my own little piece of shoe heaven with you today. And remember, if the shoe fits . . . buy it in every color!

substitute teacher: the study of men’s shoes

20 Dec

Steve is one of those manly-men who makes a point of always noticing and subsequently complimenting my footwear.  It makes my day every. single. time.  (And yes, he is straight.)  I was pretty pleased when he volunteered to post something about his manly shoes.  I am under the impression that he is the token male reader of this blog–if you are a male lurker, may I suggest coming out* to say “Hi” to Steve.  Or “Good Game.”  Or whatever you man-types say.

As a manly man I appreciate the visual quality of these shoes, utilitarian and plain, durable, yet refined. I have no less that six different pairs of these shoes. They are available in canvas, leather, and suede. Coming in ankle height, short boots (like these ones) or even up to mid calf, these are extremely versatile. I’ve worn these hiking, running, and even out on the town. You can see a gray, canvas version of these being worn by Will Smith in I Am Legend.

They are increasing in popularity and, as a result, there are ever more styles coming out. Check out palladiumboots.com. They even have them for you ladies.

*UPDATE: By “coming out” I of course mean “coming out from whatever internet rock you may be lurking under”.  Duh.

substitute teacher: the study of Crocs (yes, Crocs)

19 Dec

Outlaw and I met several years ago (on a business trip, of all places) and I absolutely adore her.  I love that through Facebook and blogging we have been able to stay in touch–it’s by far the best thing that ever came out of that conference.

Hello fellow shoeologists, Outlaw here. I’m guest blogging today while heidikins lays on the beach and the cabana boys adjust the umbrellas. Living in San Francisco has caused me to continuously search for the most comfortable’ish shoes possible as we tend to walk more than the rest of the country. Comfortable doesn’t always equal pretty, and let’s face it, we’re all a touch vain and will sacrifice comfort all day ‘ere day for the right shoe. Well loves, let me tell ya, I found the perfect combination in this pair of boots and yes they’re Crocs (shame face).

Now in my defense, they are You by Crocs, the high-end line. I peeped these two years ago at an outdoor event where Crocs had these displayed and couldn’t get the boots out of my head. I recently found these Complicated Contessa’s (natch) on Piperlime for $198 down from the full price of $300 and what a steal. These are hands down, the most comfortable boots I’ve ever owned and I get multiple comments every single time I put these babies on. When I get stopped and asked about the brand I always feel the need to whisper it gently into the ear of the person asking “Crocs baby, can you believe it?”

Though not an exact match, you can find a similar looking pair, Miss Me Women’s Fidelia-2 Knee-High Boot, on Endless for $69.95.