the study of black and cream cowboy boots

27 Jan

Cream and white cowboy (cowgirl?) boots with feather/flame-ish detail.  I was never the type to always want a pair of cowboy boots.  I grew up in the Wild Wild West geographically, but my town was just a quiet little town.  Sure, we had a rodeo every summer, and I was a bit obsessed with horses as a girl–what girl wasn’t?–but my horse dreams always involved riding bareback in the circus and not becoming a rodeo queen, thus no boots.  (Note: while both circus performers and rodeo queens both wear sequins, I think it’s pretty obvious which version I lean towards.)

These beauties were a gift from my amazing Aunt Mouse (not her real name, don’t worry), she and I used to be the same shoe size, but then her feet tragically grew about a half-size and she gifted me several pairs of shoes, including these boots.  I was looking around the Interwebs at cowboy boots, and they are expensive, yo!  Seriously, most pairs are $200-$300, and some go up to $800!!  And that was just a preliminary search!  I was baffled.  I had no idea they were so expensive!  I went to Toronto a few months ago and–among other things like visiting a SHOE MUSEUM–found a row of cowboy boots in a thrift store, I admired them and took an artsy-ish photo, but what I should have done is buy a pair at those low prices (and with Canadian money it’s like it’s free–their dollar bills are pink and purple, which seems like monopoly money to me.  I heart Canada!).

Here are a few pairs I found for under $100, enjoy!

Coconuts By Matisse, Burgundy Gaucho Boot (red cowboy boots?  Sold.)

Groove Kick Knee-High Boot (these come in purple AND red AND tan! Love!)

Western Cowboy Lizard Boot (a sleek, shiny option)

MIA Traill Western Boot (I love these.)

Western Cowboy Firewater Boot (turquoise flames on boots?  Rawr!)

3 Responses to “the study of black and cream cowboy boots”

  1. Mandi January 30, 2011 at 10:50 pm #

    I am now convinced that I NEED a purple pair of boots. I’m going to have to get an extra job just so I can have money for all of these beautiful shoes you post about.

  2. Sparkle February 2, 2011 at 8:23 am #

    ~whispers~ I have red cowboy boots!

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