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the study of black, chunky-heel boots

14 Jan

Casual Friday + Overnight Snow Storm = leather winter boots.  I have started a massive overhaul of my shoe room, and in the clean-out discovered these black boots.  They only come up to the lower part of my calf, but seeing as how we don’t have 3 feet of snow on the ground (yet) I am totally fine with that.  Rampage black leather boots with 3-inch square heel.  (I know, I know, square, chunky heels aren’t really “in” anymore.  But here’s what, a stiletto heel would last approximately 10 feet on my sidewalk before you landed on your kiester.)

the study of ankle booties

29 Oct

Nine West ankle booties with 4-inch heel, almond-shaped toe and back zip in a smokestack-brownish-black.  These little booties were a gift from my aunt and I had completely forgotten about them (this is not difficult when you have a couple hundred pair of shoes) until i was digging around this morning for something to wear.  I know the trend right now is to style them with tights and a skirt, or bare-legged and a skirt.  But both of my bosses are out of the office today which means I’m wearing jeans. Ah, Casual Friday.

I hpoe you have a safe weekend and a Happy Halloween! Make sure to check back for some additional weekend footwear, including what will most likely become my favorite pair of Halloween shoes!