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the study of orange silk-shantung stilettos

31 Oct

Orange silk-shantung platform stilettos with 5-inch heel and knot detail on toe, from Charlotte Russe; paired with nude fishnets.  First of all, Happy Halloween.  Second of all, aren’t these to die for!?

These fantastic heels are one of my new favorites.  I found them on clearance two months ago and immediately fell in love with them.  Deep love.  While they are perfectly festive for Halloween, I have a sneaky suspicion they will be worn and loved the other eleven months of the year.

the study of ankle booties

29 Oct

Nine West ankle booties with 4-inch heel, almond-shaped toe and back zip in a smokestack-brownish-black.  These little booties were a gift from my aunt and I had completely forgotten about them (this is not difficult when you have a couple hundred pair of shoes) until i was digging around this morning for something to wear.  I know the trend right now is to style them with tights and a skirt, or bare-legged and a skirt.  But both of my bosses are out of the office today which means I’m wearing jeans. Ah, Casual Friday.

I hpoe you have a safe weekend and a Happy Halloween! Make sure to check back for some additional weekend footwear, including what will most likely become my favorite pair of Halloween shoes!

the study of black satin mary janes

28 Oct

Black satin mary-jane’s with criss-cross detail on the toe and 4-inch heel, be l.e.i.  For years these were my favorite pair of heels, I actually have purchased them twice, the ones I wore to death and the ones (pictured above) I recently found while digging through my shoe room (yes, I have a shoe room, which is currently a disaster.)  I love the 1940′s feeling of these round-toe heels, however when paired with Smurf-blue tights the look is completely modern.

the study of brown leather knee-high boots

27 Oct


Sudini chocolate brown leather knee-boots with 3-inch stacked heel and almond-shaped toe*.  I have a hard time finding boots that fit my calves–my regular workout includes running up a lot of hills (not in heels, don’t worry) and my calves are, well, bulkier than average.  I can’t wear skinny jeans and I have a hard time finding boots–even in the extended sizes–to fit over my lower leg.  Shrug, I’m mostly over it.  I tried these on last year during the Nordstrom half-yearly sale with no hope that they would fit, I was both shocked and delighted when I could zip them and still feel my toes and they came home with me without any further debate. 

It snowed last night, not a ton where I live but enough to break out the boots and tights.  (This is also why I am taking pictures in the office instead of outside–there’s just not enough natural light to make anything show up properly.  I hope the uber-flattering flourescent lighting is passable once in a while.  It’s going to be a long winter.)

*An “almond-shaped toe” is neither pointy or round, but somewhere in between.  It’s classic and flattering for almost any leg type.

the study of black pointy toe stiletttos

26 Oct

These black patent-leather pointy-toe d’orsay stilettos are a classic.  The shape is perfect, the toe isn’t too long ot pointy and the heel is a conservative 3-inches.  These heels are also lined in an leopard print which just makes me smile every time I slip them on or off.

Winter has finally arrived and I wish I had worn these with a pair of tights.  Tomorrow, perhaps, I will introduce bright tights on theShoeologist.

the study of striped pointy-toe stilettos

25 Oct

Enzo Angiolini pointy-toe striped stilettos with ankle strap and 4-inch heel.  I remember when I bought these (six years ago, shh, don’t judge) they had an all black option and this black-and-white stripey pair.   At this point I wish I’d bought them both because I love the fit and feel of these heels, but as I can’t go back in time I am content with the fact that, of the two, I made the best choice; I get compliments on these every time I wear them.

the study of pink metallic strappy sandals

22 Oct

Franco Sarto pink metallic strappy sandal with 3.5-inch heel.  I’m pretty sure I found these at Nordstrom Rack (I heart Nordstrom Rack!) and I’m also pretty sure that, when paired with a lot of neutral gray, I can get away with wearing them to work. Right?  Right.  (Whatever, my boss is out of the office and my feet are underneath my desk most of the day.)  I’m pretty sure this is the last gorgeous day before winter weather descends, and I take comfort knowing that with these springy shoes I took full advantage.  Come back next week for a full line-up of delicious fall-inspired footwear!  Cross my heart and kiss my elbow.

Toenail color: Baby Doll by Sally Hansen

the study of black patent-leather mary janes

21 Oct

Steve Madden black patent-leather mary jane pumps with rounded toe and 4-inch heel.  I absolutely adore these shoes–they are classic in every possible way.  I looked for the elusive black patent mary jane for several months before scoring these from TJ Maxx.  These are no longer available from Steve Madden, and I couldn’t find many comparable shoe in my cursory search (Maybe these?  Or these? They are both kind of similar).  Thus, I am validated in my decision to buy them when I did. (I find I do this kind of validation or justification all the time, by the way.  I do not, however, usually use words like “thus”.)

the study of criss-cross, strappy platform pumps

20 Oct

Absolutely swoon-worthy Kenneth Cole platform sandals of soft navy-green leather with chocolate suede trim, criss-cross straps, and a peep-toe.  I found these lovelies in Chicago on Michigan Ave/The Magnificent Mile several years ago, they were a present to myself after a particularly horrible break-up and I have always thought fondly of them.

Until this week, I believed these heels were navy, but by happy circumstance these shoes ended up next to a peacock-teal dress and suddenly the shoes had a bit of this fabulous greenish hue; I fell in-love with them all over again (and promptly wore them to a big fancy work meeting.  Success!).

the study of aqua patent leather stilettos

19 Oct

Colin Stuart for Victoria’s Secret, pointy-toe stiletto with 4-inch heel in aqua patent-leather. I found these on a fantastic clearance sale for less than $20 dollars and bought them without a clue as to how to wear or style them (I don’t usually say things like “How do I style these shoes?” but I just watched three back-to-back episodes of Project Runway and my vocabulary is all skewed in favor of Nina Garcia). Today’s ensemble was a gray skirt, black-and-white striped T, light blue cardigan and hot pink patent-leather belt. Perhaps a little Barbie-ish, but I loved it.

These particular shoes are no longer available, but these aqua stilettos are just as fabulous. Shiny aqua vintage Ford pick-up sold separately. (Editor’s Note: There is absolutely no photo editing on the above photo, I am still delightfully shocked at how similar the color of the truck is to the color of my heels. Love!)