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the study of retro-print wedge sandal

18 Aug

Colin Stuart for Victoria’s Secret sandal–did you know VS has some really fantastic shoes? I fell in-love with these retro-print strappy wedges as soon as I saw them, and while I don’t wear them a ton (how often do you pair orange, purple, and yellow?) I still absolutely adore them.

Looking at this, I wonder if I should have worn a yellow shirt instead of white, but it’s too late to change that now. I love the bright orange belt. And the shoes. I still can’t get over the shoes.

Close up of the colors, I love the deep violet and orange together, and admittedly, the scarf was kind of a last minute addition. But hey, my office is freezing most of the time, so why not wear a scarf in August?

The Details

White puff-sleeve T: Gap (you can’t see this all that well, but the sleeves have tulle netting over them, which I adore.)
Lavender Scarf: Chinatown, San Francisco
Navy blue cotton skirt: Banana Republic
Orange belt: H&M
Retro-print shoes: Colin Stuart for Victoria’s Secret
Silver bracelet: Tiffany

**This post is part of Kayla‘s 21 Day Challenge. Day 4: Color block. Check out the rest of the participants in the Flickr group here.

the study of lemon yellow patent leather peep toe wedge

9 Mar

Bright, lemony yellow patent leather peep-toe wedge, from Aldo.  Are these deliciously springy?  Why yes, yes they are.  Did it snow a foot here yesterday?  Yes it did.  Am I wearing springy shoes anyway?  Absolutely.  I feel like I must will spring into being, and if I can do that with my feet you bet that I will.  I love yellow shoes–and in looking around for some fabulous ones I only was reminded HOW much I love them, they make me happy.  You know?

Nail polish color is OPI: Italian Love Affair

Annie Olivia Wedge,Yellow Linen (9.95)
Such a cute summery shoe, and at this price? Hello!

Wanted Sage Wedge Sandal, Yellow ($59.99)
These come in several colors, and are absolutely dreamy

Not Rated Hot Spot 2 Wedge Sandal, Yellow ($65.00)
Studded mustard (that sounds like the name of a band, no?)

Nine West Protoe Wedge Pump,Yellow Leather ($79.00)
This is a classic, work-appropriate shoe in a fabulous color for spring!

J. Shoes Meridian Wedge, Yellow ($79.72)
I love the fun print on these yellow wedges, so adorable!

Ed Hardy Joyaus Wedge Pump,Yellow ($99.00)
Want. Seriously. Want.

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the study of mustard yellow converse chuck taylors

5 Nov

Mustard yellow, shoelace-less Converse All-Star Chuck Taylor’s, perfectly distressed and exactly what I needed to combat Friday.  A few years ago I was dating a guy who loved Chuck’s and I purchased several pairs while we were together.  These slightly scuffed absolutely loved ones were actually from the men’s department–in the U.S. that means you order 2 sizes smaller than you are in women’s (I’m a size 10 and these are size 8 in men’s).  I should point out, they came without shoelaces, there is a bit of elastic behind the tongue to help them stay on; I love that they are slip-ons and I love the yellow color. If I’m going to wear flats (which, if you’ve been here for any time at all you realize I don’t do often) I want them to make me smile.

Happy Friday!

the study of mustard yellow suede pumps

1 Nov

Mustard yellow suede round-toe pumps with 3-inch heel and bow detail, by Aerosoles.  I love the bow, the super-comfortable fit, and the color–you can’t go wrong with mustard yellow.  Paired with olive green, navy and brown I think this is the best possible way to bring in November.