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the study of wearing boots and tights in MAY (for crying out loud!)

25 May

Black snakeskin boots with 3.5″ heel, almond-shaped toe and enough sass to make it through even the roughest day. I love the slouchy feel, and I love the thicker stacked heel–these boots were definitely made for walking!  The tights are a dark purple-plum color, which is tricky to see from this photo, but it’s been overcast and rainy for weeks and I tried.

It is cold.  It is (still!) raining.  And I would like to point out that I am wearing boots, tights, a wool skirt, jacket AND a scarf.  At the end of May.  Gaaaaah. [/weather rant]

The Details
Black and white striped button-up (that you can hardly see): Old Navy, clearance
Denim military-style jacket: Ross ($12! Win!)
Lime green scarf: SF Chinatown ($5)
Wide black belt: Downeast Outfitters
Charcoal paneled skirt: Macy’s (8+ years ago)
Black ruffled headband: Anthropologie
Purple Tights: no ideaFaux-diamond earrings: Express (a million years ago, I wear them almost every day…or, I did before I started documenting my outfits and accessories for the Internet.)
Black Snakeskin Knee High Boots: Nine West

the study of flat leather boots

12 May

Round toe, flat, leather riding boots with studded detail at ankle, from Bohme.

It’s a typical Rocky Mountain Spring around these parts, we go from 70 degrees to snow and then back again in the same week and this cycle hasn’t stopped since March.  I predict that it will probably snow once or twice more before we hit triple-digit temperatures.  The last few days have been rainy, gray, and downright freezy–on Monday we hit a new record for lowest recorded temperature in 80 years!  I don’t mind the chill, and I certainly don’t mind that it is summer temperatures elsewhere because the combination of those two factors means that I found and purchased these boots for $20 dollars over the weekend, and can still get a wear or two out of them before summer hits!  Win-win!

Blue linen dress with smocked top, puffy sleeves, and cut-outs at the hem.  Paired with a fresh tank and well-loved denim blazer this sundress becomes office appropriate.  I love that the boots and thrifted belt compliment each other so well.

For the most part, I wear the same jewelry day in and day out: a Tiffany bracelet and a pair of diamond earrings.  However, lately I have tried branching out a bit to incorporate some fun jewelry, different colors, statement pieces, etc.  These bangles were purchased together–I’m not skilled enough to mix them myself yet, baby steps here–and I fell in-love with the cocktail ring the moment I saw it.

Boots: Bohme
Dress: Max Studio, Nordstrom Rack (shop similar dress)
Tank: B.P., Nordstrom
Nude Fishnets: Department store
Denim Blazer: Express (purchased 8 years ago)
Belt: Thrifted
Bangles: Bohme
Ring: Ann Taylor Loft

Ok, so I realize this has previously been only footwear, and while I still will include my shoes in every single post, I will also include outfits, accessories, and probably a story or two from my life as well.  We’ll see how it goes, wish me luck!

the study of black snakeskin, knee-high boots

2 Feb

Black snakeskin knee-boots with rounded toe and stacked 3-inch heel, by Nine West.  The arctic chill has hit the valley in which I live, so I bit the bullet and pulled on these boots this morning to make my way out to the car.  I was only outside for about 1 minute before I decided to go back in and put on a pair of (purple!) tights.  Baby, it’s cold outside!  These boots are no longer available, but I did find some other lovelies from Nine West.

Nine West Trurman Knee-High Boot

Nine West Convinceme Boots

Nine West Charisma Knee-High Boot

Nine West Haden Boot

the study of black and cream cowboy boots

27 Jan

Cream and white cowboy (cowgirl?) boots with feather/flame-ish detail.  I was never the type to always want a pair of cowboy boots.  I grew up in the Wild Wild West geographically, but my town was just a quiet little town.  Sure, we had a rodeo every summer, and I was a bit obsessed with horses as a girl–what girl wasn’t?–but my horse dreams always involved riding bareback in the circus and not becoming a rodeo queen, thus no boots.  (Note: while both circus performers and rodeo queens both wear sequins, I think it’s pretty obvious which version I lean towards.)

These beauties were a gift from my amazing Aunt Mouse (not her real name, don’t worry), she and I used to be the same shoe size, but then her feet tragically grew about a half-size and she gifted me several pairs of shoes, including these boots.  I was looking around the Interwebs at cowboy boots, and they are expensive, yo!  Seriously, most pairs are $200-$300, and some go up to $800!!  And that was just a preliminary search!  I was baffled.  I had no idea they were so expensive!  I went to Toronto a few months ago and–among other things like visiting a SHOE MUSEUM–found a row of cowboy boots in a thrift store, I admired them and took an artsy-ish photo, but what I should have done is buy a pair at those low prices (and with Canadian money it’s like it’s free–their dollar bills are pink and purple, which seems like monopoly money to me.  I heart Canada!).

Here are a few pairs I found for under $100, enjoy!

Coconuts By Matisse, Burgundy Gaucho Boot (red cowboy boots?  Sold.)

Groove Kick Knee-High Boot (these come in purple AND red AND tan! Love!)

Western Cowboy Lizard Boot (a sleek, shiny option)

MIA Traill Western Boot (I love these.)

Western Cowboy Firewater Boot (turquoise flames on boots?  Rawr!)

the study of black, chunky-heel boots

14 Jan

Casual Friday + Overnight Snow Storm = leather winter boots.  I have started a massive overhaul of my shoe room, and in the clean-out discovered these black boots.  They only come up to the lower part of my calf, but seeing as how we don’t have 3 feet of snow on the ground (yet) I am totally fine with that.  Rampage black leather boots with 3-inch square heel.  (I know, I know, square, chunky heels aren’t really “in” anymore.  But here’s what, a stiletto heel would last approximately 10 feet on my sidewalk before you landed on your kiester.)

substitute teacher: the study of red plaid rainboots

24 Dec

Hello, e. here from pinksuedeshoe.  A few months ago I found these perfect red plaid rainboots on clearance at a Texas TJ Maxx for all of $12.  It was a happy happy day.

[ Available at zappos, but for much more than $12, unfortunately. ]

I wasn’t hoping to use them until the Spring.  I have a great red raincoat to wear them with.  But, mother nature had something different in mind.  It’s been pouring buckets of rain in my neck of the woods for days.  Days and days.  I’m hoping for a cold snap tonight so that maybe we’ll have a white Christmas.  Maybe.  I’m going to a Christmas Eve program held in a barn near my mom’s house tonight.  And I think that these boots will be a a festive way to help keep the mud and barn-ness off my feet.  Merry Christmas, if you are celebrating.  If not, Happy Friday!

substitute teacher: the study of Crocs (yes, Crocs)

19 Dec

Outlaw and I met several years ago (on a business trip, of all places) and I absolutely adore her.  I love that through Facebook and blogging we have been able to stay in touch–it’s by far the best thing that ever came out of that conference.

Hello fellow shoeologists, Outlaw here. I’m guest blogging today while heidikins lays on the beach and the cabana boys adjust the umbrellas. Living in San Francisco has caused me to continuously search for the most comfortable’ish shoes possible as we tend to walk more than the rest of the country. Comfortable doesn’t always equal pretty, and let’s face it, we’re all a touch vain and will sacrifice comfort all day ‘ere day for the right shoe. Well loves, let me tell ya, I found the perfect combination in this pair of boots and yes they’re Crocs (shame face).

Now in my defense, they are You by Crocs, the high-end line. I peeped these two years ago at an outdoor event where Crocs had these displayed and couldn’t get the boots out of my head. I recently found these Complicated Contessa’s (natch) on Piperlime for $198 down from the full price of $300 and what a steal. These are hands down, the most comfortable boots I’ve ever owned and I get multiple comments every single time I put these babies on. When I get stopped and asked about the brand I always feel the need to whisper it gently into the ear of the person asking “Crocs baby, can you believe it?”

Though not an exact match, you can find a similar looking pair, Miss Me Women’s Fidelia-2 Knee-High Boot, on Endless for $69.95.

the study of gray, suede knee-boots

13 Dec

Soft gray, suede knee-boots with 1″ stacked heel, from Urban Outfitters.  These lovelies are my one and only Black Friday purchase this year and I am absolutely loving them!  I’m not usually one for flat shoes–as is evidenced by this blog, ahem–and I have a difficult time finding boots to fit over my runner’s calves.  I had no intention of buying boots, but these are so soft, and they fit in the foot and the calf and I couldn’t not take them home with me.  (English majors and grammar nazi’s: please ignore the double negative right there, mmmkay?)  It feels like spring here today, but that didn’t stop me from wearing some dark grapey-purple tights.  If I dress for winter it will come, right?

Remember to enter my giveaway for a FREE pair of knee-high Muckboots!  Wednesday, Dec. 15 is the last day to enter!

the study of daydreaming about new leather knee-high boots

2 Dec


Today has been insane.  Like, crazy insane.  I have an enormous meeting with some of the most prestigious people in my industry (I am not participating in this meeting, I’m just in charge of making sure it runs smoothly, thank heavens). I woke up late, had a bit of a wardrobe crisis, ran out the door without my camera to document my shoes for the day, and am now running behind in every possible aspect of the day. So what have I been doing? Every hour I take a 3 minute mini-break to look at something beautiful online to calm my insides. I have been craving a pair of flat boots and I think this Olster Cognac Boot fits the bill.

Dear Santa,

Please remember how good I’ve been this year. I’m a size 10.

Love, heidi

Make sure you enter to win a FREE PAIR OF MUCKBOOTS, contest is open until Dec. 15, 2010.

Come back tomorrow for a gift guide on the most fantastic footwear for the shoe-lover in your life.  (If it’s you that’s totally okay, I’m the only person I like enough right now to buy shoes for anyway.)

Win a Free Pair of Boots!

23 Nov

We are under a massive blizzard advisory today and tomorrow.  Massive.  Universities are closing, most businesses are shutting down early afternoon…it’s gonna be huge.  That being said, most of my footwear is not really “blizzard” appropriate.  I have spent the better part of the morning lusting after Wellie boots–these ones in particular.  SO! To celebrate thanksfulness and snow and early Black Friday, I am GIVING AWAY for FREE a pair of these Original MuckBoots in a lovely faux-croc stamped pattern.  (Brand new, shipped from the manufacturer, not picked out of my cloest.) They come in black and brown and hunter green and bright pink.  I would pick the pink, of course, because in blizzard weather (with temperatures rumored to feel like -20 degrees!) I will always choose a bright color to cheer me up.  If you are the lucky winner of these boots, however, you can choose whatever color you’d like.

Contest Details: Three Ways to Enter!

1. To enter to win please leave a comment on this post.

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Contest will close on Wednesday, December 15 at 12:00 midnight, Pacific Time.  Winner will be chosen at random (which is why you want to enter as many times as you can!) and announced on Thursday, December 16.

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If you don’t, the blizzard wins.