Shoeologist [shoo-ALL-oh-jist] noun Someone who is enamored with the study of footwear and the systematic lust for stilettos; or one who speculates about shoeology.

Subjects of my studies

[Shoe Credit: My closet, Photo Credit: PinkSuedeShoe]

Like many women, I absolutely love shoes.  Like many women, I collect shoes.  Unlike many women, I actually have a room for my shoes.  That is correct, a room.  A small room, but the walls are lined with shoe boxes and it is, in short, my happy place.

I have an affinity for heels, I’m convinced my feet are actually shaped somewhat like Barbie feet as I am most comfortable in a 4″ heel.  I love wedges, mary janes, ankle-straps and d’orsay pumps.  Love.

This blog will be the documentation of my closet, a new pair of shoes every day, or almost every day.  As of this beginning, September 2010, I have over 200 pairs of shoes.  Some I haven’t worn in ages and may find themselves in a donation bin instead of being shined-up for a day in the blog-light.  But most will be properly styled and accessorized and trotted into the office, across my college campus, on dates and about town.  I can also be found blogging at heidikins.com.

I love comments and mail, email me at heidi.theshoeologist [at] gmail [dot] com.

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