the study of gray suede, Italian pumps

19 Jan

Dark gray suede Italian pumps, gifted to me from my favorite Aunt.  She and I have the same shoe size, and when her feet grew a half-size she handed down several pairs of beautiful shoes.  These are the gray sister of the navy blue suede pumps I wore last week.

In hopping about the Interwebs I found a couple of fantastic pairs of gray heels, I particularly love these Gray suede menswear-ish pump by Tracy Reese. This gray flannel pump looks particularly cozy. And these fabulous oxford-inspired, menswear-ish, spectator-like heels.  (Yes, that’s a mouthful of a description, but they’re just so perfect!)  They aren’t gray and they aren’t suede, but they are all kinds of fabulous, so I’m including them here.

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