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the study of gray, suede sneakers

3 Jan

Gray suede sneaker by Puma.

Hi and Happy 2011!  I don’t have to go back to work until tomorrow (yay!) and have spent a lovely morning sleeping in and, um, sleeping in.  My most pressing tasks of the day including finding a pink or purple beanie and meeting a friend for lunch.  I love these lazy kind of vacation days!

the study of striped canvas deck shoes

28 Dec

Hello?  Is this thing on?  I would first like to thank the gaggle of guest posters who filled in for me while I was away.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it!  I would also like to thank pinksuedeshoe for babysitting things here in my absence, best twin ever! (Yes, she’s really my twin.  Don’t freak out.)  I’d like to thank the Academy….wait.  No.  That’s not right.  At any rate, I’m back!  I spent a lovely week lounging in the sun and exploring the Mexican Riviera!  I managed not to take a single picture of my feet, because apparently the combination of tropical sun, absolutely no responsibility and a lot of fresh pico de gallo and delicious burritos will make me completely lose my head.

Espadrille/deck shoe in navy and cream stripe with thin rubber tread by French Sole.  I’m pretty sure these shoes are ambidextrous, or whatever it’s called when there isn’t a right shoe and a left shoe…there are just two shoes.  I have switched them up a half-dozen times and I can’t figure out which one, if either, is supposed to go on my left foot and which on my right.  Whatever, I love them.  They are comfortable and soft and over the course of the last week were well loved and often worn.  I’ll get back to “real life” today and tomorrow; you know, an 8-5 job, tackling the medium-sized mountain threatening to topple across the room, grocery shopping and vacation detox, but for now I’m trying to fend off the icy cold another day by shuffling around the house in these soft, stripey shoes.

substitute teacher: the study of second-hand-shoes

22 Dec

Sharon has this incredible sense of style I have admired since we met, and I am so glad she graciously volunteered to guest post for me!  Today’s lesson: thrifting shoes.  This is something I’ve never been brave enough to do, so I will be taking good notes here.


There is something great about second- hand-shoes.  Before they came into your life, they had a completely different existence full of adventure.  Although you may never know their past stories, that doesn’t mean you can’t add a few more chapters to their lives.  Here are a few of my favorite second-hand-shoes.

These boots were purchased at Deseret Industries for $7.00.  Before they came to me I believe they belonged to an Almost Rodeo Queen. You know, the one with blonde, curly, way-too-poofy hair. She probably only won Miss Congeniality (pity award) in her local city’s rodeo and gave up on Rodeo-Queening for good.

I scored these duds at my favorite thrift store, St. Vincent de Paul, for $3.99. I think an older lady, probably about 63, had these before me. Her name was Bonnie and she was still hip in her older age. I am also guessing these bright, salmon colored shoes were only worn for mall-walking or getting the mail. They were in mint condition when I got them; luckily for them, I wear them all the time.

I actually do know the story behind these lovely, lovely rain boots. I found them when I was helping my husband’s grandmother clean out her attic. I tried them on and asked in my sweetest voice if she was planning on keeping them. She told me they were hers when she was my age, and she wore them every day. She grew up in Finland so they truly have had an adventurous life.  I am so glad they are mine now, and get a lot of use in this rainy, rainy, state (Washington) I live in.



substitute teacher: the study of men’s shoes

20 Dec

Steve is one of those manly-men who makes a point of always noticing and subsequently complimenting my footwear.  It makes my day every. single. time.  (And yes, he is straight.)  I was pretty pleased when he volunteered to post something about his manly shoes.  I am under the impression that he is the token male reader of this blog–if you are a male lurker, may I suggest coming out* to say “Hi” to Steve.  Or “Good Game.”  Or whatever you man-types say.

As a manly man I appreciate the visual quality of these shoes, utilitarian and plain, durable, yet refined. I have no less that six different pairs of these shoes. They are available in canvas, leather, and suede. Coming in ankle height, short boots (like these ones) or even up to mid calf, these are extremely versatile. I’ve worn these hiking, running, and even out on the town. You can see a gray, canvas version of these being worn by Will Smith in I Am Legend.

They are increasing in popularity and, as a result, there are ever more styles coming out. Check out They even have them for you ladies.

*UPDATE: By “coming out” I of course mean “coming out from whatever internet rock you may be lurking under”.  Duh.

the study of classy sneakers

10 Dec

Tsubo sneakers with red elastic/velcro closures.  These are a Nordstrom Rack find and I have absolutely loved how classy chic they are for a sneaker.  Hooray for Casual Friday!

Make sure to enter my giveaway for a free pair of Muckboots!  Contest ends Dec. 15, 2010.

the study of navy blue Converse Chuck Taylor’s

4 Dec


 Navy blue Chuck Taylor’s from Converse.  Saturday’s in December are always a little crazy and today is no exception.  Grocery, mall, play with niece, movie…and it’s hardly noon yet!  Gotta love Chucks, I want them in every color.  (Current count is yellow, pink, navy blue, red and plaid.)

the study of red patent leather clogs

24 Nov

First things first: Did you know Amazon is having a sale on all their shoes today?  Specifically they are offering 30% Off Shoes on any purchase!  I highly recommend you clickity-click right on over there and get yourself something cute, or something warm, or whatever strikes your fancy. 

Oxblood red patent leather Dansko clog.  This is a departure from my regular 4-inch heel, but the requisite 20 minutes of scraping ice off my car after yesterday’s storm made stilettos too impractical for even me.  Besides, I’m treating this Thanksgiving Eve like a casual Friday (as are the 6 other people in my office who were suckered into working today).

Now, I’ve heard many people rant about how ugly and boring and dumb clogs are, I will respectfully disagree.  These particular clogs are closed around the heel, so now snow can get in (thank heavens!), and the Dansko sole and foot-bed mean they are RIDICULOUSLY comfortable.  Sure, they come in matte black or brown for anyone looking for sensible shoes–but they also come in a zebra print, a veganversion, and even purple patent leather! (I am crushing on the purple ones, they very well may be my 30% Off Shoes purchase for the day!)

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the study of red vans with velcro

12 Nov

Vans “Prison Issue” Velcro-closure sneakers in cherry red.  It took me approximately 3 seconds to determine that the Velcro was more awesome than kindergarten, which led to an almost immediate purchased of these shoes.  Three years later I have them in two different colors (red and a gray plaid) and am still completely in-love with them.  In looking around online I found them in black and white, but nothing else.  If you’re looking for a red sneaker (and frankly, if you don’t have a pair you should definitely be in the market for one, or two), these red Chuck Taylor’s should do the trick.

the study of stripey rain boots

9 Nov

Western Chief striped rain boots in navy and white.  The leaves have fallen and are covered in slush, instead of tromping around in suede or peep-toes, I decided to don these delightful stripey boots with purple tights.  This particular striped boot is no longer available, but I have been lusting over some of her cousins, specifically the ones in black and white houndstooth, or the retro floral print.  Really, it would only make sense to branch out in the rain boot department, right?  (Of course right!) (Nevermind that I live in the middle of the desert.) (Hey, we get snow here!  That’s wet and rain boot worthy!) (/end extraneous parantheticals.)

the study of mustard yellow converse chuck taylors

5 Nov

Mustard yellow, shoelace-less Converse All-Star Chuck Taylor’s, perfectly distressed and exactly what I needed to combat Friday.  A few years ago I was dating a guy who loved Chuck’s and I purchased several pairs while we were together.  These slightly scuffed absolutely loved ones were actually from the men’s department–in the U.S. that means you order 2 sizes smaller than you are in women’s (I’m a size 10 and these are size 8 in men’s).  I should point out, they came without shoelaces, there is a bit of elastic behind the tongue to help them stay on; I love that they are slip-ons and I love the yellow color. If I’m going to wear flats (which, if you’ve been here for any time at all you realize I don’t do often) I want them to make me smile.

Happy Friday!