Announcing the contest winner!

21 Mar

Two weeks ago Lucha Shoes launched their first pair of kicks, and as a proud owner I can attest to their general fabulosity.  I don’t usually wear flats, which this blog more-or-less proves, but I have practically lived in my Lucha’s the last 10 days or so.  As soon as I get home from work I put them on, I wear them on weekends and rainy days and Monday’s and…oh, wait.  I’m getting distracted.  You’re not here for me to wax poetic (or Carpenter-ish) about these shoes, although, be warned, I could do such a thing without any encouragement whatsoever.  You’re here to see if you won a FREE pair of Lucha shoes!  Right?

I counted up all the comments from my site and the Lucha blog, all the tweets, the blog posts mentioning Lucha Shoes and my little contest, and ended up with nearly 100 entries!

And entry #57 was Jen from Little Miss Penny Wenny!!  She entered several different ways, and the winning entry was linking to her own blog and mentioning the contest and Lucha shoes!

Drop me an email, Jen and I’ll get all your information! (heidi.theshoeologist at the gmail)

Thank you all for entering!!  And I certainly hope that you will buy a pair of Lucha’s, even if you didn’t win.  I am actually going to be ordering another pair in grey this week because I have found (shockingly!) that red shoes don’t necessarily “go” with everything.  (I know, I can hardly believe it myself!)  However, I’m convinced that a pair of red and a pair of grey will cover my casual-shoe needs for the rest of forever.  Well, until they come out with a new color.  (wink!)

What are you fighting for?  Fight with your feet.  Lucha Shoes.

This contest sponsored by Lucha Shoes, all opinions are 100% mine.  For more information about sponsoring The Shoeologist, please email me at heidi.theshoeologist[at]gmail[dot]com.

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  1. Jen March 22, 2011 at 6:38 pm #

    Thank you thank you so much! That was the best news I’ve heard all day! So exited to rock those new kicks. Thanks lucha and heidi!

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