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the study of red vans with velcro

12 Nov

Vans “Prison Issue” Velcro-closure sneakers in cherry red.  It took me approximately 3 seconds to determine that the Velcro was more awesome than kindergarten, which led to an almost immediate purchased of these shoes.  Three years later I have them in two different colors (red and a gray plaid) and am still completely in-love with them.  In looking around online I found them in black and white, but nothing else.  If you’re looking for a red sneaker (and frankly, if you don’t have a pair you should definitely be in the market for one, or two), these red Chuck Taylor’s should do the trick.

the study of chocolate brown, pointy toe stilettos

11 Nov

Chocolate brown pointy toe 3-inch stilettos with ruching and bow at the toe.  I can’t remember where I purchased these, and the brand name has disappeared from the inside.  I love the sassy ruching on the toe and I love the classic shape.  In snooping around for something similar, I found this suede pair that I love, and this faux croc pair from Bandolino (I’m a sucker for anything snake skin, reptile print, or croc stamped).

Note from the Editor:  Skipping about the internet looking at delicious chocolatey brown heels has given me a serious hankering for about 12 new pairs of heels, all in various shades of brown, all lovely.   Do I need more shoes?  Not particularly.  Do I want them?  Absolutely.  Will I buy them?  ….I will not buy shoes today. I will not buy shoes today.  I will not buy shoes today (repeat 100 times).  I am announcing this here on the hope that it will keep me from running up credit card today.  Cross your fingers for me!

the study of black leather kitten heels

10 Nov

These pointy-toe black kitten heels from Naturalizer were a very spontaneous purchase several years ago.  They were the perfect height for the pants I was wearing at the time and I was bored with the shoes on my feet (shocker, I know).  These very comfortable heels have been a staple; I have had the heels remade twice and the toes fixed three times.  That, my friends, is the mark of a fantastic pair of shoes.  These particular shoes are no longer available, but here is a pair in a snazzy reptile print, embellished tweed, a classic shape in black patent leather or leapord print.

On taking well-loved heels to the Shoe Hospital: I have a very delightful cobbler who does all my shoe-fixing for me.  I probably visit him every other month with a pair of shoes that I love too much to throw away–he can fix the heels, fix the toes, fix the straps, fix the sole.  If you do not already have a cobbler, I highly recommend you find one to breathe new life into your favorite heels.

the study of stripey rain boots

9 Nov

Western Chief striped rain boots in navy and white.  The leaves have fallen and are covered in slush, instead of tromping around in suede or peep-toes, I decided to don these delightful stripey boots with purple tights.  This particular striped boot is no longer available, but I have been lusting over some of her cousins, specifically the ones in black and white houndstooth, or the retro floral print.  Really, it would only make sense to branch out in the rain boot department, right?  (Of course right!) (Nevermind that I live in the middle of the desert.) (Hey, we get snow here!  That’s wet and rain boot worthy!) (/end extraneous parantheticals.)

the study of black suede wedges

8 Nov

Black suede peep-toe wedge (4-inches) with silver metallic trim by Rosegold.  I scored these fantastic wedges at Ross for $7, that is correct, seven dollars.  It gives me an intense feeling of satisfaction to see them listed for considerably more than $7 dollars.

I love the little cut-outs, I love the silver metallic trim, and I love that I found these for such an incredible deal!

the study of mustard yellow converse chuck taylors

5 Nov

Mustard yellow, shoelace-less Converse All-Star Chuck Taylor’s, perfectly distressed and exactly what I needed to combat Friday.  A few years ago I was dating a guy who loved Chuck’s and I purchased several pairs while we were together.  These slightly scuffed absolutely loved ones were actually from the men’s department–in the U.S. that means you order 2 sizes smaller than you are in women’s (I’m a size 10 and these are size 8 in men’s).  I should point out, they came without shoelaces, there is a bit of elastic behind the tongue to help them stay on; I love that they are slip-ons and I love the yellow color. If I’m going to wear flats (which, if you’ve been here for any time at all you realize I don’t do often) I want them to make me smile.

Happy Friday!

the study of indigo purple pumps

4 Nov

Steve Madden indigo-purple heels with almond toe and 3-inch heel.  I love Steve Madden and I have recently discovered a new love for purple; purple shoes, purple bag, purple nail polish, purple scarf.  It’s a sickness, really, one I have no intention of trying to cure.

I had every intention of finding a half-dozen pairs of purple shoes for you to drool over and purchase, seeing as how these lovelies are very much last season and no longer available.  That being said, I also spent most of yesterday evening with what I hope is a minor case of food poisoning and not a stomach flu.  For once I’d rather curl up in bed than browse the halls of the internet for shoes.  It’s a sad place to be.

the study of black peep toe pumps

3 Nov

Black leather, suede and faux croc peep-toe pumps by Amanda Smith with cut-out detail on the toe and a 4-inch heel.  These classic pumps have been worn year after year and I am both surprised and delighted with how well they’ve held up.  I love the mix of suede and leathers and the cute cut outs on the toe.  There is something to be said for owning a no-frill pair of classic black heels; but there is more to say about owning a pair that are a oustanding.  These fit into the latter category; at least they do in my closet.

Toe Nail Polish: Alice in Wonderland, Thanks so Muchness by O.P.I.
(Admittedly, I bought this bottle of polish simply for the color name.)

the study of brown, polka-dot spectator pumps

2 Nov

Two-tone spectator pumps with polka-dot cutouts, ankle strap, and 5-inch heel, by Guess.  That heel is intense, and there is no platform to help cheat the height and these can be a little tricky when you are trying to skip or run.  (Yes, I run in most of my shoes prior to purchasing them, you never know when it will be essential that you are able to run trot about in heels.)  I love the two-tone of these shoes, the capped toes are divine and I don’t think I will ever be over the polka-dot cutouts.  These were a Nordstrom Rack find a few years ago, I spent at least an hour searching to find both ankle straps amongst the piles of loose shoes; an hour well spent, I’d say.

Are you ready for a little shoe lesson?  Ok, here we go.  A spectator shoe is typically two-tone in with caps on the toes and heels, something similar to this classic black and white pump or these slightly funkier ones.  Spectators first made their appearance in the mid 1800′s in England as a men’s wingtipped cricket shoe.  For decades this wingtip style heavily influenced two-tone spectators.  In the last century there have been hundreds of different design-takes on the  spectator shoe, they are now in a range of colors and fabrics,  and the influence of this classic can be seen in lace-up ankle booties, heeled loafers, platform stilettos and gorgeous, swoon worthy pumps. (Seriously, I can’t get over that last pair.  They are so beautiful!) Now, go forth and search out a fabulous pair of spectators, heeled or flat, classic or colorful, pumps or ankle boots!  Class dismissed.

the study of mustard yellow suede pumps

1 Nov

Mustard yellow suede round-toe pumps with 3-inch heel and bow detail, by Aerosoles.  I love the bow, the super-comfortable fit, and the color–you can’t go wrong with mustard yellow.  Paired with olive green, navy and brown I think this is the best possible way to bring in November.