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the study of black leather kitten heels

10 Nov

These pointy-toe black kitten heels from Naturalizer were a very spontaneous purchase several years ago.  They were the perfect height for the pants I was wearing at the time and I was bored with the shoes on my feet (shocker, I know).  These very comfortable heels have been a staple; I have had the heels remade twice and the toes fixed three times.  That, my friends, is the mark of a fantastic pair of shoes.  These particular shoes are no longer available, but here is a pair in a snazzy reptile print, embellished tweed, a classic shape in black patent leather or leapord print.

On taking well-loved heels to the Shoe Hospital: I have a very delightful cobbler who does all my shoe-fixing for me.  I probably visit him every other month with a pair of shoes that I love too much to throw away–he can fix the heels, fix the toes, fix the straps, fix the sole.  If you do not already have a cobbler, I highly recommend you find one to breathe new life into your favorite heels.

the study of black pointy toe stiletttos

26 Oct

These black patent-leather pointy-toe d’orsay stilettos are a classic.  The shape is perfect, the toe isn’t too long ot pointy and the heel is a conservative 3-inches.  These heels are also lined in an leopard print which just makes me smile every time I slip them on or off.

Winter has finally arrived and I wish I had worn these with a pair of tights.  Tomorrow, perhaps, I will introduce bright tights on theShoeologist.

the study of striped pointy-toe stilettos

25 Oct

Enzo Angiolini pointy-toe striped stilettos with ankle strap and 4-inch heel.  I remember when I bought these (six years ago, shh, don’t judge) they had an all black option and this black-and-white stripey pair.   At this point I wish I’d bought them both because I love the fit and feel of these heels, but as I can’t go back in time I am content with the fact that, of the two, I made the best choice; I get compliments on these every time I wear them.

the study of aqua patent leather stilettos

19 Oct

Colin Stuart for Victoria’s Secret, pointy-toe stiletto with 4-inch heel in aqua patent-leather. I found these on a fantastic clearance sale for less than $20 dollars and bought them without a clue as to how to wear or style them (I don’t usually say things like “How do I style these shoes?” but I just watched three back-to-back episodes of Project Runway and my vocabulary is all skewed in favor of Nina Garcia). Today’s ensemble was a gray skirt, black-and-white striped T, light blue cardigan and hot pink patent-leather belt. Perhaps a little Barbie-ish, but I loved it.

These particular shoes are no longer available, but these aqua stilettos are just as fabulous. Shiny aqua vintage Ford pick-up sold separately. (Editor’s Note: There is absolutely no photo editing on the above photo, I am still delightfully shocked at how similar the color of the truck is to the color of my heels. Love!)

the study of nude pumps

4 Oct

Nine West pointy-toe nude pump with 4-inch heel.  (Apologies for the grainy pic, it was pretty dark by the time I finally got around to photographing these shoes.)  I’ve always read that nude pumps make you seem considerably taller because there is no break in your leg-line.  It wasn’t until I was sifting through the dozen or so pics I took for this post that I realized these shoes are basically non-existent.  Seriously, this pic has the best distinction of pump vs. leg, and even with the contrast bumped up you can hardly distinguish shoe from skin.

As worn by my 2-year old niece, Creampuff.  Yes, I’m drafting her into my Stiletto Army at a very young age.  And no, her real name is not Creampuff.

the study of orange stilettos

30 Sep

Steve Madden orange leather pointy-toe heels with 2.5″ heel.  The best part about these shoes–okay, maybe not the best, but one of the best–is that the inside of these shoes are turquoise.  Swoon!