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the study of flat leather boots

12 May

Round toe, flat, leather riding boots with studded detail at ankle, from Bohme.

It’s a typical Rocky Mountain Spring around these parts, we go from 70 degrees to snow and then back again in the same week and this cycle hasn’t stopped since March.  I predict that it will probably snow once or twice more before we hit triple-digit temperatures.  The last few days have been rainy, gray, and downright freezy–on Monday we hit a new record for lowest recorded temperature in 80 years!  I don’t mind the chill, and I certainly don’t mind that it is summer temperatures elsewhere because the combination of those two factors means that I found and purchased these boots for $20 dollars over the weekend, and can still get a wear or two out of them before summer hits!  Win-win!

Blue linen dress with smocked top, puffy sleeves, and cut-outs at the hem.  Paired with a fresh tank and well-loved denim blazer this sundress becomes office appropriate.  I love that the boots and thrifted belt compliment each other so well.

For the most part, I wear the same jewelry day in and day out: a Tiffany bracelet and a pair of diamond earrings.  However, lately I have tried branching out a bit to incorporate some fun jewelry, different colors, statement pieces, etc.  These bangles were purchased together–I’m not skilled enough to mix them myself yet, baby steps here–and I fell in-love with the cocktail ring the moment I saw it.

Boots: Bohme
Dress: Max Studio, Nordstrom Rack (shop similar dress)
Tank: B.P., Nordstrom
Nude Fishnets: Department store
Denim Blazer: Express (purchased 8 years ago)
Belt: Thrifted
Bangles: Bohme
Ring: Ann Taylor Loft

Ok, so I realize this has previously been only footwear, and while I still will include my shoes in every single post, I will also include outfits, accessories, and probably a story or two from my life as well.  We’ll see how it goes, wish me luck!

the study of clearing my head

11 May

In the last couple of months I have been working extra hard at my job, finishing up several enormous projects in a mostly-timely way and trying not to think about the twelve-hour days those projects required.  I have also finished my semester at the University with grades that are passable.  And then I went on a much needed mini-vacation and spent some quality time with Mother Nature.  The photo above is the top of Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park, a strenuous hike with a 1,500 foot elevation climb in 2.5 miles.  Chains and scrambling are required.  But the view?  The view is spectacular.

In the last few days I have had a little time to clear my head, forget about finals, and my company has actually hired an additional person to take off some of my work load.  I finally feel like I can breathe again!  And blog again!  (Hello blog, did you miss me?  No?  Fine.)

If anyone is still reading this, rest assured I will be back with more shoes, outfits, accessories, the works.  Cross my heart and kiss my elbow!