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the study of black, chunky-heel boots

14 Jan

Casual Friday + Overnight Snow Storm = leather winter boots.  I have started a massive overhaul of my shoe room, and in the clean-out discovered these black boots.  They only come up to the lower part of my calf, but seeing as how we don’t have 3 feet of snow on the ground (yet) I am totally fine with that.  Rampage black leather boots with 3-inch square heel.  (I know, I know, square, chunky heels aren’t really “in” anymore.  But here’s what, a stiletto heel would last approximately 10 feet on my sidewalk before you landed on your kiester.)

the study of navy blue, suede shoes

13 Jan

Navy blue suede pumps with 3.5-inch heel and square-ish toe.  These were a hand-me-down from my favorite aunt, they are Italian made and a classic regardless of that Elvis song.  Looking around the Interwebs, I found this navy suede platform pump and  this lovely pointy-toe version from Nine West,   I also really like these brighter royal blue suede pump from ZiGiny.

the study of snowshoes

12 Jan

Elektra snowshoes, gray and chrome with teal accents.  I’m not actually wearing these today, but I wore them on Saturday and thought I’d share.  During the winter the valley in which I live collects pollution like you cannot believe.  The air becomes brownish gray, your eyes hurt and most people develop a “smoker’s cough” after a few days.  Seriously, the toxicity blocks out the sun, it’s like I live on a hostile planet or something.  At any rate, the only thing to do is to head up one of the many canyons to get above all the muck and enjoy the blue sky and clean–if thinner–air.  So on Saturday, that’s exactly what I did.

(Ok, I know there isn’t any blue sky in this pic, but that’s because it was snowing.  You can take me word for it that it was nice, clean, white fluffy snow and not acidic snow.)

the study of burgundy t-strap Mary Jane’s

11 Jan

Burgundy Mary Jane with T-strap, 3.5-inch heel, and cut-outs at the toe, by Report.

It’s been a crazy weekend here at Casa de the Shoeologist, I had a pretty wicked head-cold yesterday and hardly moved from the comfort of my bed. Today the temperature is in single digits, I start classes again at the University, and I would very much like to be snuggled up under a fluffy feather comforter.  Instead, I’m bundled up at work in thick tights and a snuggly sweater with a steaming cup of cocoa.  It’s almost as good (who am I kidding, it’s not the same at all but it’s all I’ve got to work with).

Here is a gorgeous pair of burgundy T-strap heels from Frye.

the study of black, T-strap pumps

6 Jan

Black round-toe T-strap pump with 4-inch heel, by Hot Kiss.  Conservative meetings mean conservative footwear (mostly).  But, because this is me we’re talking about I decided to up my game with funky tights.  That’s just how I roll.  I have some pretty impressive bruises on my left knee due to a fantastic sledding tumble last weekend, so the dark purple tights are an excellent choice to cover up my black and blue body parts.

the study of gray, suede sneakers

3 Jan

Gray suede sneaker by Puma.

Hi and Happy 2011!  I don’t have to go back to work until tomorrow (yay!) and have spent a lovely morning sleeping in and, um, sleeping in.  My most pressing tasks of the day including finding a pink or purple beanie and meeting a friend for lunch.  I love these lazy kind of vacation days!